If you are looking for an adult care facility for your elderly loved one, it must be up to standard. Everyone wishes to live in their homes for as long as they can. However, sometimes older adults have to relocate to senior living communities because of safety concerns and health issues. Such facilities offer accommodation services for seniors or adults who cannot live independently due to mental, physical, or other limitations. 

Finding the right senior living home for your loved one is among the most vital and challenging decisions you can make. There are some essential features to consider.

Respect for Residents

An ideal facility treats residents with respect, irrespective of mental or physical condition. The facility’s staff should offer the required services in a friendly, professional, and caring manner.

Seemingly small things, such as the staff calling residents by their official names instead of cheeky nicknames, can signal much bigger problems. 

To find out whether there is respect for the residents, try seeking insight into the standard expectations, including:

  • Knocking on doors and asking for permission before entering the residents’ rooms
  • The relationship between staff and residents should be warm and friendly
  • Continuing in-service education for the staff
  • Residents can choose their clothing
  • Respect for personal possessions and space

An Ideal Adult Care Facility Offers Various Activities

Life in an adult care facility can make family members feel cut-off from the outside world. There are many educational, social, creative, and physical activities available to cater to all residents’ needs. 

The right adult home encourages interaction between residents. It creates avenues for residents to work together through activities like:

  • Occupational therapy
  • Eating together with loved ones and friends
  • Music performances
  • Sporting activities
  • Weekly shopping trips 

Tasty and Nutritious Meals

For a person in care, as for most other people, mealtimes are often the day’s highlight. A lousy mealtime can be disheartening. If you are looking for an adult care facility for your elderly family member, choose a home that offers well-balanced meals. The serving of the meal should also be done in a pleasant environment that fosters social interactions. 

Ensure the facility you choose can prepare special foods to cater to your loved one’s diet and medical condition. The meals should accommodate your ethical and religious needs. 

It is the mandate of the professionals to monitor their clients’ nutritional intakes. If there are cases of difficulty eating or poor eating habits, a medical professional is informed immediately.

Sensitivity in Hygiene Matters

Although staff members may be used to seeing naked people, some residents are not used to revealing their unclothed bodies often. In a facility that offers senior adult care services, the staff requires tact to assist a resident with undressing, dressing, or bathing.

Asking for consent should precede any activity that involves another person’s body. For example, caregivers must explain what they are doing and do it while engaging in a small chat to make the situation more comfortable.

Individualized Care

Each resident has unique needs. For example, the services that an older adult with dementia needs may not be the same as what a resident in a wheelchair needs. While the former may require more nutritional therapy, the latter may need constant turning, for example, to avoid the development of sores. A facility that offers individualized adult care can be the right one for your loved one.

An ideal senior living facility is set as home-like as possible. It allows residents to decorate their private spaces with family photos and other things they hold dear. If there is a garden for the residents, it can make them feel at home and encourage them to spend some quality time outside.

Contact a Senior Living Community for More Details

If your elderly loved one needs help in day-to-day activities, it would be best to explore an adult care facility’s option. Your loved one will receive the best care when it matters most. Contact the professionals today for expert assistance in choosing the right facility. 


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